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Bausch + Lomb hired me to help them create a new extension of their brand which offered products for canines. I was hired for SEO audit, brand strategy, marketing roadmap, and on-page optimization.

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Sophia Genetics hired me for a technical SEO + content audit to create a roadmap for one of their third-party providers. I analyzed, optimized, and created a solution to help optimize the website on the front end.

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Project: IPRO.com

IPRO brought me in to optimize their WordPress website and analyze the security plugins for better protection against various security attacks.

Cultivation Capital hired me to convert their website from Wix to WordPress before their first round of funding for various start-ups within their portfolio.

SunBurn Cannabis hired us to create a brand strategy and roadmap for their new WordPress multi-location website. The project focused on local SEO optimization and on-page WordPress mobile optimization.

Reefers Bay hired us to extend their online Delta 9 products via WooCommerce additions and bonus functionality for their online store while optimizing a couple of their other portfolio of sites for mobility.

Advisory Excel hired me to increase on-page content optimization, implement technical SEO for various Financial client WordPress sites, and speed up load times while enhancing mobility.

Secure data needed consulting on their WordPress site. We helped them see the issues with various API-related plugins and how they can harm search engine optimization efforts and online security.

Project: 3Chi.com

3Chi is also the owner of various niche-focused Delta 9 websites. We helped create repeatable landing pages to help them easily create new offers that delivered a mobile-optimized experience.

Walker Medical Farms hired us to convert their site from Wix to WordPress. They were growing and needed an e-commerce solution to expand their sales and offer orders for pick-up via mobile.

Air Land & Sea hired us to update their website from ASP.Net to WordPress. The upgrade also included detailed logistic additions in order for them to stay up to speed with the competition.

Project: AZO.com

AZO hired us to turn their static HTML website into a WordPress website for advanced functionality. Their goal was to transition into a more modern web format to increase online accessibility.

Dynamic Transit hired me to lead their small marketing team after I rebuilt their website and secured it from the php.5.6 vulnerability. I was then brought on to optimize their current content and create an SEO content strategy.

SchoolTube had a website built in PHP and a blog in WordPress that needed upgrading, optimization, and on-page web copy plus security as it is a teacher and student platform. WP engine tweaks and mobility soon followed.

The Yield Lab needed technical SEO, Wix to WordPress conversion, and mobile optimization. The rebuild was due to a security breach that included a serious Malware injection attack right before a funding drive to expand the brand.

The owner of Good Contractors List hired us to help strengthen his directory by providing WordPress services to many of his 300+ directory-listed contractors as well as helping him optimize his site for mobility and security.

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Duane is incredibly knowledgeable not only with SEO, but also when it comes to WordPress. He was always so fast to answer my questions, didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need, and has been so helpful to me as I'm trying to get my company's site in a better place. He's the first that comes to mind when people tell me they have WordPress questions!

— RaShea Drake

Marketing Director @ JourneyTEAM

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