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Strategy + Roadmap

Strategy Meets Marketing Roadmap.
For start-ups, small businesses, and solopreneurs.


Per Strategy. One-Time Fee
Average Time: 80hrs
@$100 an hour


Strategic Brand Alignment
Conversion-Driven Design
Future Proof Scalability
SEO Recommendations
Analytics-Driven Optimization


Brand Strategy

Unlock the potential of a personalized WordPress plan tailored specifically for your unique vision. Collaborate with me, utilizing years of expertise to craft a compelling strategy for a lasting online presence aligned precisely with your evolving business goals.

Conversion-Centric Design

Transform your WordPress site seamlessly for results that matter to you. I’ll prioritize your goals, ensuring your site not only looks exceptional but strategically guides your customers towards action. Anticipate value that grows alongside your business goals.

Scalability Assurance

Build a robust foundation for your WordPress site, addressing your current needs while ensuring adaptability for future growth. While understanding the challenges of expanding your online presence I’m committed to providing ongoing support that propels your brand success.

SEO Excellence

Effortlessly boost your WordPress site’s visibility with proven SEO practices. Collaborate with me to establish a digital presence that resonates with you and your target audience. Leverage my track record for seamless integration and increased online visibility, ensuring your business remains ahead in the digital landscape.

Analytics-Driven Optimization

Embrace a forward-thinking approach with me as your seasoned WordPress consultant. Together we’ll monitor and proactively analyze website metrics, ensuring your site evolves with your changing objectives. This strategic foresight brings continuous value, fostering growth and satisfaction tailored just for you.

How It’s Done.

WordPress Strategy

Define Goals.

Defining clear goals is the first step toward laying a solid foundation for your business. Crafting a concise strategy roadmap creates solid results.

WordPress Strategy

Clear Objectives.

A strategic allocation of resources should be made, ensuring that each step is aligned with the overarching objectives. Avoid missing key milestones.

WordPress Strategy

Plan Execution.

Make sure that your strategy roadmap is continuously evaluated and adapted. Maximize flexibility for sustained success in evolving circumstances.

Consulting That Converts.

Partnering with me means you get more than just a WordPress expert focused on crafting online experiences that drive action. As a perfectionist, I prioritize excellence in functionality, aesthetics, and ongoing support, ensuring you receive top-notch service. Give me a try – you’ve got everything to gain.


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Clients Say

Duane is incredibly knowledgeable not only with SEO, but also when it comes to WordPress. He was always so fast to answer my questions, didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need, and has been so helpful to me as I'm trying to get my company's site in a better place. He's the first that comes to mind when people tell me they have WordPress questions!

— RaShea Drake

Marketing Director @ JourneyTEAM

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