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Ecommerce + Maintenance

Ecommerce Webmaster Meets Everything.
Reliable, high-performing ecommerce website maintenance.


Per Website. Monthly.
Average Time: 40hrs
@$100 an hour


Regular Backups.
Core and Plugin Updates.
Inventory Management.
Order Processing Optimization.
Payment Gateway Health Check.
Cart Abandonment Analysis.
SSL Certificate Renewal.
User Access Review.
Performance Monitoring.
Responsive Design Check.
GDPR Compliance Check.
Shipping Options and Rates Update.
Tax Configuration Check.
Email Marketing Integration.
Backup and Restore Testing.
…and more.


Effortless Optimization

Free yourself from website worries with my WordPress webmaster services. WPC handles audits and strategy adjustments, ensuring your site runs smoothly for an exceptional user experience.

Reliable Peak Performance

Expect my services to exceed expectations, especially during peak times. WPC brings expert development, technical SEO, and responsive webmaster tasks to keep your site reliable for uninterrupted customer engagement and increased conversions.

Zero Downtime

Say goodbye to downtime fears. My webmaster services provide a robust infrastructure and quick issue resolutions, ensuring your WordPress site is always operational, delivering optimal results with minimal disruptions.

Visitor-to-Customer Conversion

Effortlessly turn visitors into loyal customers. With a finely tuned online store and targeted SEO enhancements, my services optimize the customer journey, ensuring higher conversion rates and increased revenue for your brand.

Stress-Free Deadlines

Meet deadlines without stress. My webmaster tasks are designed to handle time-sensitive demands, ensuring a smooth experience during crucial periods. From development to strategy execution, your WordPress site becomes a reliable asset for your brand’s success.

How It’s Done.

WordPress Strategy

Step One.

Liberate yourself from website worries with my WordPress webmaster services. WPC implement strategic adjustments, ensuring your site operates flawlessly for an exceptional user experience—because your peace of mind matters.

WordPress Strategy

Step Two.

Elevate your website’s performance, even during peak times, with my services. Experience expert development, technical SEO, and responsive webmaster tasks to maintain a reliable site, ensuring uninterrupted customer engagement and increased conversions—because your success is our expertise.

WordPress Strategy

Step Three.

Say Goodbye to downtime concerns.  My ecommerce webmaster services guarantee swift issue resolutions, and operational excellence, ensuring your WordPress site consistently delivers optimal results with minimal disruptions—because your success deserves unwavering reliability.

Consulting That Converts.

Partnering with me means you get more than just a WordPress expert focused on crafting online experiences that drive action. As a perfectionist, I prioritize excellence in functionality, aesthetics, and ongoing support, ensuring you receive top-notch service. Give me a try – you’ve got everything to gain.


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Clients Say

Duane is incredibly knowledgeable not only with SEO, but also when it comes to WordPress. He was always so fast to answer my questions, didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need, and has been so helpful to me as I'm trying to get my company's site in a better place. He's the first that comes to mind when people tell me they have WordPress questions!

— RaShea Drake

Marketing Director @ JourneyTEAM

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