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Ala Carte + Maintenance

Webmaster Flexibility Meets Demand

Tailored solutions, site optimization, and hassle-free lead conversion.


Per Website. Monthly.
Average Time: 10hrs
@$100 an hour


Site Management
Backup and Recovery
Analytics Integration
Theme Customization
SEO Implementation
Performance Optimization
Security Monitoring
Plugin Management
Content Updates
E-commerce Support


Maximize Performance

Elevate your WordPress site’s potential with my à la carte webmaster services. I promise optimal performance and functionality. My seasoned expertise is dedicated to aligning with your brand’s unique needs, delivering a seamless user experience tailored just for your customers.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Experience frustration-free website management. As your dedicated webmaster, I’ll take care of all of your task personally. With years of experience I understand the challenges of DIY efforts and provide a tailored solution that prioritizes your peace of mind.

Personalize Your Solutions

Tailor your WordPress maintenance with your needs in mind. The ability to hand-pick your services provides the flexibility many do not offer. As a business owner, I empathize with your desire to be in charge of your website. That’s why WordPress Consulting offers expertise in crafting solutions that resonate with your goals as they arise.

Lead Conversion Mastery

With my decade-plus of unparalleled expertise as a webmaster, you can trust me to effortlessly convert visitors into qualified leads. I prioritize customer-centric approaches, even during the most crucial deadlines, ensuring uninterrupted business operations with an unwavering focus on boosting your bottom line.

Deadline Confidence

Confidently rely on WordPress Consulting for deadline-driven projects. Drawing on my experience, I’ll meet your expectations with precision and efficiency, ensuring a successful project completion every time without compromising quality.

How It’s Done.

WordPress Strategy

Maximize Performance.

Maximize your site’s potential with my à la carte webmaster services. I promise optimal performance and functionality, delivering a seamlessly tailored user experience for your customers.

WordPress Strategy

Hassle-Free Maintenance.

Enjoy hassle-free downtime worries with strategic maintenance reliability. I handle all technical tasks to ensure a smooth online presence, prioritizing your peace of mind as my goal.

WordPress Strategy

Personalized Solutions.

Grow your business with a future-focused strategy. As a business owner, take control of your website through WordPress Consulting. My expertise in crafting solutions that align with your goals offers unmatched flexibility.

Consulting That Converts.

Partnering with me means you get more than just a WordPress expert focused on crafting online experiences that drive action. As a perfectionist, I prioritize excellence in functionality, aesthetics, and ongoing support, ensuring you receive top-notch service. Give me a try – you’ve got everything to gain.


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Clients Say

Duane is incredibly knowledgeable not only with SEO, but also when it comes to WordPress. He was always so fast to answer my questions, didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need, and has been so helpful to me as I'm trying to get my company's site in a better place. He's the first that comes to mind when people tell me they have WordPress questions!

— RaShea Drake

Marketing Director @ JourneyTEAM

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