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Development + SEO

WordPress Development Meets Technical SEO.
For brands and businesses ready to make an impact.


Per Website. One-Time Fee.
Average Time: 160hrs
@$100 an hour


Efficient Web Development
SEO-Optimized Architecture
Mobile-First Responsiveness
Mobile Speed Optimization
Structured Data Implementation


Efficient Development

Launch your WordPress site swiftly with minimal downtime. WordPress Consulting specializes in optimizing efficiency, providing you with a seamless online presence aligned with your unique success goals.

SEO-Optimized Architecture

Craft a search engine-friendly site with a solid technical foundation. By seamlessly integrating SEO, WordPress Consulting ensures your business stands out and thrives with authority, adding value to your online visibility while you build brand authority.

Mobile-First Responsiveness

Prioritize a responsive design for optimal cross-device performance. Experience a seamless mobile journey, bringing you and your audience engagement effortlessly, while we create value worth every click.

Speed Optimization

Elevate your site’s speed for improved rankings and user experience. Through my technical enhancements, WordPress Consulting promises a faster, more enjoyable browsing experience that boosts rankings and enhances your overall value perception.

Structured Data Implementation

Seamlessly integrate structured data for enhanced search engine visibility. With strategic content understanding, I’m committed to connecting your business with your audience effectively, adding value to your online presence.

How It’s Done.

WordPress Strategy

Technical SEO.

Boost WordPress development with technical SEO focus. Optimize performance, enhance user experience, and improve rankings through strategic coding.

WordPress Strategy

Advanced Techniques.

Leverage advanced techniques for SEO-friendly structures. Emphasize clean code, enhance speed, and ensure mobile responsiveness for optimal visibility.

WordPress Strategy

Best Practices.

Experience technical WordPress development, schema markup, canonical tags, and SEO best practices while elevating search engine rankings and optimization.

Consulting That Converts.

Partnering with me means you get more than just a WordPress expert focused on crafting online experiences that drive action. As a perfectionist, I prioritize excellence in functionality, aesthetics, and ongoing support, ensuring you receive top-notch service. Give me a try – you’ve got everything to gain.


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Clients Say

Duane is incredibly knowledgeable not only with SEO, but also when it comes to WordPress. He was always so fast to answer my questions, didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need, and has been so helpful to me as I'm trying to get my company's site in a better place. He's the first that comes to mind when people tell me they have WordPress questions!

— RaShea Drake

Marketing Director @ JourneyTEAM

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